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Sweat is the enemy of your bike frame and attachments during indoor training. We know from experience that there is corrosion on the cockpit and the shifters, on the bottle cage screws or even on complete parts of the group.
The solution: The Bike Towel

The Bike Towel adapts perfectly to the geometry of racing, time trial or triathlon bikes thanks to its cut and recesses. The extra wide head section and the recess on the stem ensure that the handlebar area including brakes/shifter is optimally covered in all grip positions. The centre section in the handlebar protection area can be folded over or under to the rear and thus provides a double layer of protection in the stem area, which is particularly stressed by dripping sweat from the head. 

The edges are completely sewn with a bias tape so that the Bike Towel retains its shape even after very frequent washing, the seams are protected in the best possible way and multiple reuse is possible without any problems. The terry fabric (340g/m², 90% cotton / 10% polyester / washing recommendation 30 degrees) is very sweat-absorbent. Although the absorbency is no longer completely guaranteed with very heavy use, this fabric has achieved the best result in our comparisons with other materials.

Detail solutions:


Velcro with press stud on the seat post allows size adjustment and flush closure to protect bolts. "One size fits all. Cut-out is also large enough for aero seatposts. 

Push button in front of the head tube to prevent the Bike Towel from blowing up when fans are in operation. 

Push button in front of the head tube to prevent the Bike Towel from blowing up when fans are in operation. 

Thanks to the elastic band on the Bike Towel, this can be brought to tension and is therefore also suitable for bikes without a top tube. The towel falls sharply downwards when tightened and therefore does not interfere with the movement of the legs. 

Front apron with push button to attach to the front wheel prevents blowing up and protects hub, spokes and nipples from sweat. You can also fold the front skirt back to have a double layer of "cloth" over the cockpit. On the TT bike, this skirt is placed over the extensions, as shown in the following pictures: 


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  • The terry fabric meets the requirements for textiles suitable for babies and toddlers. The heaviness of the fabric (340g/m2) is the best compromise between absorbency and grip. 

  • The Bike Towel was developed in Fahrdorf and is also handmade here on site. It is "Made in Germany". 

  • The Bike Towel has been tested with mechanical and electronic gears, on different frame and handlebar sizes and on different types of bikes (racing, TT, mountain and indoor bikes). 

  • The Bike Towel will protect your bike from wear and tear, but is itself a wear item. The Bike Towel will wear down in the grip area, just like a handlebar tape.